Delta X 1 Luxury Kit

Cost: 549$ (No Frame) / 649$ (With Hyper Cube Frame)

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Delta X 1 Luxury Kit is full of end effectors. This will be an interesting desktop robot to play and research for robot lovers. The kit includes:

  • Delta X 1 Robot
  • Axis 4
  • Pen holder & Touch pen
  • Gripper Kits
  • Pneumatic Kits
  • Laser Module
  • 3D Printing Kit (Extruder Stepper, Hot End kit, teflon tub)
  • Power supply (12VDC 5A)
  • USB cable
  • Hyper Cube frame (optional)

Basic Parameters

Parameters Specifications
Working space D = 340 mm, H = 200mm
Max payload 500g
Max speed 700 mm/s
Pose repeatability ±0.1 mm
Position accuracy ±0.15 mm
Number of axes 3/4
Power supply 12VDC - 5A
Weight 4kg

Electrical Parameters

Components Specifications
Controller Board Arduino Mega 2560, RAMPS 1.4
Communication USB, UART, Bluetooth, Wifi
Input 1 analog input(temp sensor)
Output Stepper/Laser/Vacuum/Axis-4/Gripper)

Mechanical materials

Part Materials
Upper Arm 3D printed (PLA)
Lower Arm Carbon fibre tube
Base frame Aluminum profile
Moving base 3D printed (PLA)
Body cover 3D printed (PLA)

Working Space



Safe Working Area


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