Industrial Conveyor Belts (D120/200/300/400 L1200) Specification



Industrial Conveyor Belts are commonly employed in real-world projects within the industrial sector. Characterized by robust aluminum profile frames, precisely engineered rollers and belts, as well as anti-interference designed control systems, these conveyor belts stand as a favored product line for factory environments.

System Components

The Conveyor integrates the following cardinal components:

Component Description
Robust Aluminum Frame Crafted from aluminum profiles, ensuring resilience, stability, and enduring performance.
Precision Rollers High-caliber rollers tailored to accommodate varying loads, ensuring seamless operation.
Advanced Conveyor Belt Engineered to endure, the conveyor belt facilitates efficient material transportation.
1:6 Gear Box Precision-engineered gear box with a 1:6 gear ratio for optimized performance.
Hybrid Servo Motor Powerful 2.2Nm servo motor for dynamic control.
Versatile Controller Circuit Custom STM32-based controller circuit for enhanced control capabilities.
Steady Power Supply 24VDC/15A power supply to sustain optimal performance.
USB Cable 3m USB-B cable.


Conveyor Belt D300 L1200 Schematic

Conveyor Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Length 1200 mm
Width 120/200/300/400 mm
Maximum Speed 400 mm/s
Positioning Accuracy ±0.2 mm
Power Supply 24VDC/15A

Control Options

The Conveyor can be controlled through two methods:

  • G-Code Control: Utilize G-Code commands for precise and automated control.
  • Button Controls: Manual operation using control buttons for convenience.


  • Aluminum Profile Design: Lightweight yet robust aluminum construction ensures enduring stability.
  • Dynamic G-Code Control: Leverage G-Code for automated and accurate control.


These Conveyors finds its prowess in diverse industrial sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic assembly lines
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Packaging and labeling operations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing


The Conveyor Belt D120/200/300/400 L1200 stands as a steadfast solution for industrial material handling requisites. Boasting an aluminum framework, adaptable features, and user-intuitive controls, it serves as an instrumental asset in elevating material transportation processes.

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