Conveyor Belt 120 Specification


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The 120 conveyor is mainly used in small-scale projects and experimental setups involving Delta X 1 and Delta X 2 robots. Characterized by a compact design, these conveyors facilitate easy deployment. and integration into various systems.

System Components

The Conveyor Belt 120 integrates a range of essential components tailored to its specific design:

Component Material
Frame 2020 Alumium profiles
Rollers 3D printed
Motor NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
Gearbox 1:3 GT2 Belt Drive gearbox
Belt PVC
Control Board ATmega328P MCU
Power Supply 12VDC/3A


Conveyor Belt 120 Schematic

Conveyor Specifications

Parameter Specifications
Length 500/1000 mm
Width 120 mm
Motor NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
Speed Adjustment G-code / Potentiometer
Frame Material 2020 Aluminum

Conveyor Features

Feature Description
Max Speed 200 mm/s
Positioning Accuracy ±0.2 mm
Power Supply 12VDC/3A

Control Options

The Conveyor Belt 120 offers flexible control methods:

  • G-Code Control: Use G-Code commands for precise speed adjustments.
  • Variable Speed Control: Adjust conveyor speed manually using a potentiometer.


Get more information about g-code HERE.


The Conveyor Belt 120 is exceptionally well-suited for diverse applications, including:

  • Experimental projects
  • Small-scale lab endeavors
  • Integration with robotic arms such as delta robots

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